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"Adopt Ye, One Another, Even as I Have Adopted You..."

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Indicative of Our Sickness

As I write this, there has recently been a story in the news about
government officials in Japan who are concerned that their nation
has a 'low birth rate': Japan story. Certainly, this story from Japan
is not the only publication I have read describing a knee-jerk
reaction from the public officials of some nation and from those
who supposedly are 'business leaders', intent on convincing
people to breed more. Of course, there was no mention of
encouraging increased efforts to adopt. There was no mention
of creating mutually supportive communities for the care of
each other and for the adoption of the frail. And god-forbid that
they would encourage immigration. (Perish the thought!)

Obviously, these 'leaders' do not read the Bible nor do they trust

Jesus told us - very plainly - that there would never again be a
shortage of people and He was quoting the Old Testament when
He said it.

Read Jesus's quote from Deuteronomy 15:11 in Matthew 26,
Mark 14 and John 12. Realize that there was MUCH more going
on here than just Jesus making social commentary. But even
given all that Jesus was saying, He was at least telling the truth.
The man does not lie. There will not ever again be a shortage of
people - so long as the Bible is true ... unless you think that poor
people (and the vulnerable and the unwanted) are not "people".

How pitiful we are that we have no more effective imagination
to plan for the future than to pressure people to breed! How
terribly ineffectual must be our relationships with Heaven!
Are there yet any Christians on Planet Earth? Are there even
any real businesspersons? REAL Christians know that as we
invest in those who are vulnerable GOD WILL GIVE THE
INCREASE. REAL businesspersons know how to make an
enconomy vital whether or not the population is expanding!

The nightmarish truth is that we have all too willingly allowed
ourselves to be used as breeding stock, to fuel the expansionism
of various empire builders. We of the church have even
encouraged this idolatry while ignoring the needs of those who
are already here. History is littered with the consequences of
colonialism / empirialism. Until we change our attitude about
the value of the people who are already here, the madness will
continue and we CANNOT go into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Read just one of the the New Testament promises of God's
provision of 'growth'
in 1 Corinthians 3:6. 'Growth' is the LAST
concern of people who trust and serve God! He WILL provide!

What under Heaven's Grace has convinced us that the offspring
we might bring into this sordid world could be somehow more
important than the people who are already here? What justifies
our refusal to invest God's resources, God's time and God's love
in the people who may have questionable potential but who are
When we choose reproduction as opposed to adoption, are we
not denying that there are people here with potential that you and
I might help to unlock? Do we not know God? Are we unwilling
to be used by Him? Is our own fecundity and legacy all that
matters to us? NO! Reproduction is NOT evil but we have
something far, FAR more important to do.

So, again, I ask you: "Do you want to see it? Do you want to
see the Kingdom of His Christ?" Can we make His
Kingdom, His Restoration, His Reconciliation, His Wholeness,
His RIGHTEOUSNESS more important than our urge to
self-perpetuate? Can we put His Kingdom First, even before
our lust to breed?

Too obviously, we have allowed our own biological urges and the
subtlety of the enemy to lead us into idolatrous self-perpetuation
at the expense of our entry into The Kingdom Of Heaven. You
KNOW that you want to learn to love as Jesus loves you. You
KNOW that you want to learn to love with the Adoptive Love
of The Father. The fondest longing of your heart is His Reign
and His Renewal. You want to see it. Say "Yes".


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