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"Adopt Ye, One Another, Even as I Have Adopted You..."

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Use of Power

The model we humans pursue throughout our so-called 'civilization'
is that power is used to exploit, coerce and enslave. Yet, we call
ourselves lovers of God. There are even people with whom I am
acquainted who call themselves 'Christians' and 'born-again' who
insist that power exists for their purposes and their agenda.

However, if we believe The Bible - either the Old or New Testament,
or both, we have to admit that the model demonstrated throughout
the scripture by The One we know as Yahweh-God (or Jehovah, if
you prefer) is of power being used for healing, building of
community and (at least) for reconciliation. Among Christians, I
believe there can be no debate regarding God's use of power
exclusively for the benefit of those who are less powerful than
Himself - even for the benefit of His enemies.

If we are believers in the resurrected Jesus of Nazareth as God's
Christ, then we must confess that He is our reconciliation with
God. Further, if we are believers in the resurrected Jesus of
Nazareth, then we must acknowledge that "all power" has
been given to Him (Matthew28: 18 - KJV). Here's the point I am
trying to make: All Power, in Heaven and in Earth is to be used
for God's reconciliation and for no other purpose if we truly are

Any other use of power is abuse of power and idolatry. Power
is to be used on behalf of those less powerful than ourselves for

Education, financial well-being, business acumen, personal
assets, drive for success, talents, skills, dreams, vision, ALL
power shared with us is to be used - not to pursue our own
empires and legacies - but for His reconciliation, for His
restoration, for His wholeness, for His Kingdom and for His
righteousness. Our American Dreams just don't matter. We
have something far more important to do.


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