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"Adopt Ye, One Another, Even as I Have Adopted You..."

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who Will Have Dominion?

So, what do you think is God's top priority? Is it 'being Godly'? Is it
'being Sovereign'? Is it being 'right'? Whaddya think, really? Well,
of course I'm gonna tell you what I think. I think that among God's
top priorities is 'reconciliation of all creation'. I think that's why He
gave us Jesus of Nazareth (You remember, God's only Son. Yeah,
that Jewish carpenter guy.) So, I'm saying that the fact of Jesus of
Nazareth makes it real OBVIOUS that reconciliation is one of God's
top priorities. God gave Jesus as THE sacrifice to enable
'reconciliation'. He did that!

So, I'm saying that as important as God's ONLY Son is to God, for
God to give Jesus as the sacrifice for reconciliation makes me think
that reconciliation must be REALLY important to God. (Ya think?)

Now, on top of that, God is ultimately in control of everything. Get
it? He DEFINITELY has street cred with this 'dominion' thing. And if
reconciliation of all of creation is among His top priorities, do you
think His emphasis on reconciliation is totally disconnected from His
Dominion over EVERYTHING? (Time's up!) Well, NO!!

"But wait!" you blurt. "Didn't God give us dominion of His creation
back in the ancient scriptures?"

Uh, yeah(duh!) good of you to notice! He did that, BEFORE we
polluted everything with SIN! With our SIN, we made it necessary
for the Lord of all Creation to be sacrificed for reconciliation. So
NOW, if we're gonna have dominion with God, guess what we're
going to have to have as our primary priority? (Time's up!)

REC-ON-CIL-I-A-TION (Can you hear 'Retha singin' that?)

So, I've said all of that to say this: as I write this, there are
nightmarish wars raging all over this world. Also, any number of
'captains of industry' are exploiting God's creation for their very
short-sighted pursuit of wealth and power. Are the wars and
exploitation and empire building giving anyone anything other
than a temporary illusion of dominion? (Time's up!) Well, NO!!

It seems so obvious, doesn't it? I shouldn't even write it down
but YOU KNOW I'm gonna write it anyway:

"If we want dominion with Him over (any part of) His creation,
we will serve in His reconciliation of His creation. And that service
in reconciliation will be among our TOP priorities - just as it is with

Who's Da MAN? The Reconciler, of course. He alone is King, Christ
and God. You want power? You want dominion? Follow the Leader.
Be crucified with Him!
No one does it better. Everything else is just so much futility.
You might use guns, you might use bombs, you might use terror,
or you might use hatred but your dominion by any other method
is temporary! You've got NOTHIN'!! You won't LAST!! Believe it!
There will BE no domination without reconciliation. Get used to it.


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