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"Adopt Ye, One Another, Even as I Have Adopted You..."

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Have Something More Important to Do

And so the pattern continues. We're focused on the new and exciting and that which we think gives us personal fulfillment while that which is already here (that we now take for granted) becomes neglected and even pushed away. Hmm, this shiny new fruit will make you even more fulfilled than you are now. Surely, God wants you to have it, right?

Have we learned nothing?

The levees that failed in the hurricane, the bridge that collapsed without warning. Were these and other failures the result of the redirection of resources away from the stewardship to which we're called? Were these failures the result of our lusting after personal fulfillment through doing that which makes US feel important? (I mean, after all, who needs God anyway? He's SO old fashioned!)

We have something more important to do!

And with that, I could hardly agree more. They're all around us: the "bridges" and "levees" that're being neglected because we want to spend resources on something to make us PROUD of ourselves. There are several people in my faith community who actually are each a kind of "bridge" to parts of the community outside 0ur church that I might never contact. But how have I invested in these "bridges"? More than one or two people in my faith community are guides for the flow of The Holy Spirit. It's not that they prevent God's precious presence from spilling out. Quite the contrary. They guide all of us into His Light and His Person and they help keep ME from spilling out of the flow of His Love. How am I investing in these "levees"?

And how am I investing in the people who need to be reconciled to the family of God? They're already here. I don't need to go looking for genetic legacy. I need to invest in the people that I can ADOPT into God's family (and of course, it'll be Him that does the adopting, I just help).

God is already here and doesn't need to be replaced. I have a commandment to invest in my relationship with Him.

My neighbors are already here and will be continually replaced (so, I don't need to replace them). I have a commandment to invest in my relationship with them.

So, once again I try to make clear to you that while I have nothing against reproduction (God doesn't, why should I?) I'm trying to emphasize that we ALL have something more important to do. This, our seminaries must teach and our Pastors must preach. Adopting the unwanted people into the family of God MUST come first. Reconciliation MUST be prioritized over growth. The growth will come (if we seed and water) and there'll ALWAYS be plenty of people.

They're already here.

"Adopt ye, one another, even as I have adopted you..."


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