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"Adopt Ye, One Another, Even as I Have Adopted You..."

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Prepare Your Heart Now, to Love Forever

Very recently I've been asked by a friend if I believe in an afterlife. My response came almost unbidden from deep within me. "When we step out onto God's bright day, we either will or will not know Him". My prayer is that now, during this part of my forever existence, I am learning to know Him. I pray also that I am helping others to know Him for who He is: Love Eternal.

Perhaps He can only receive into Himself that part of me that is Love. I want the part that He can receive to be ALL of me. I want to learn to love the way He loves. I want to learn to see myself and others the way He sees us. I want to let go of my prejudice and my pride. I want to let go of my false hopes. I want to be fully surrendered to His Love and to channel that Love through me to others. I want to become His Love: Alive in this world and bringing the incomparable Love that He has poured out on me to bear on the needs 0f myself and others.

Unlike me, He is not manipulative or judgemental. Unlike me, He does not shrink from people that I find obnoxious. Unlike me, He does not share only a little of Himself. He is perfect and I want to be like Him. All power is His and He is always using that power on behalf of wretches like me. I want to learn how to use all the powers that I have on behalf of other wretches who are ... just like me. He loves them, just as He loves me.

When my heart is so close to despair, He says "You are mine! I am thy God and will STILL give thee aid!" When my rage flares, He helps me to remember to Whom it is that I am bonded... forever. He has never dished out to me the punishment I deserve. Oh, PLEASE let me learn to stop punishing others.... and instead to give them His Love.

My heart must experience a GREAT DEAL of growth to be able to love forever. There is so much to put down... so many idols that I simply don't need. I need no righteousness of my own. I want His righteousness and His faithfulness and His graciousness and I want Him to live in me and through me. Is this surrender?

How long is forever? How do I prepare to live in Eternal Love? No, I have no sense of impending death but I do now, more than ever, want to fully LIVE in His Love for what ever remains of this part of my forever existence. His Love can heal so much and until the wounds are truly healed, there is no truth in a cry of 'Peace'! His Love is the balm for this dying world. Only His Love can heal the people rightly.

So then, prepare now to live in Love forever. Learn to be His Love! Learn to anoint with His Love. Learn to laugh in His Love! Learn to serve in His love! His Love is His very essence, His core, His character, His personality. His Love is His very Name.

Even so, Lord Jesus, Come Quickly


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